Rich Dad Poor Dad By Robert Kiyosaki: A Review

Rich Dad Poor Dad By Robert Kiyosaki: A Review

In a world that revolves around money, financial advice is a valuable thing and that is what Rich Dad Poor Dad reveals. The way you handle your money can be the difference between success and failure in achieving your goals. Because of this, many people are now investing thousands of dollars in sound financial advice. These people range from high school dropouts to CEOs with postgraduate degrees in finance related fields. They pay experts in colleges and universities to help them find a better way to make money; save the money they have earned and spend it wisely. Others spend a lot of time and money attending seminars and workshops all over the country in which talks are given about money related issues. One book seems to cover all the basics and this is probably what has made it one of the best when it comes to giving financial advice to people from all walks of life. Rich dad poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki is a book that has won acclaim in almost all sectors. In fact, many entrepreneurs and business executives have attested to this, saying that it has changed their lives as far as financial management is concerned.


What Is Rich Dad Poor Dad About?

Rich Dad Poor DadRich Dad Poor Dad is the story of one person (the author who is also the narrator) who takes financial advice from the two ‘dads’ in his life. The advice is, however, given to him in two very different ways. His biological dad, who happens to be the poor dad, gives him financial advice the good old way – go to school, work hard, get good grades, get a good job, work hard at that job and steadily rise your way up the corporate ladder. On the other hand, the rich dad, who is his best friend Mike’s dad, gives him advice in a way unlike anything he has ever heard before. The advice revolves mainly on financial management and how to focus only on the important things in order to achieve your goals as far as money is concerned. After a short while, it is clear to the narrator as to which advice he should follow. This comes at the moment when he looks at his highly educated father still working hard to achieve his financial goals while his best friend’s father, the rich dad, is already there.


The Six Lessons To Rich Dad Poor Dad

In Rich dad poor dad, Robert Kiyosaki presents 6 lessons that he says are important as far as managing one’s money is concerned. First of all, he says that the rich do not work for money. Rich people do what they love because they have an interest in it and enjoy doing it. The monetary aspect of it comes naturally after this. Secondly, the author highlights the importance of financial literacy. As long as this lesson is not taught in schools, says Robert Kiyosaki, people will always be poor financial managers. It is therefore important for people to know as much about finance and money as possible.


Rich Dad Poor Dad Says Mind Your Own Business

The third point is what he calls ‘minding your own business’. The rat race, or keeping up with the Joneses, is the surest way to fail in your financial objectives since you will always try to be like someone else whose goals are different from yours. The fourth point is to know all you can know about taxes and corporations as these two are here to stay. Fifth, he talks about how the rich invent money by creating business opportunities. In the last point, Robert Kiyosaki says that there is a need to work to learn and not to work for money. In fact, he recommends that you should make money work for you.

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Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki is presented in ten chapters with just over 200 pages. There are only three characters in the book – the narrator, his biological dad (the poor dad) and his best friend Mike’s dad (the rich dad). Rich dad poor dad was released in April 2000 as a novel in the United States and is available in both paperback and hardback. The author was born in 1947 in Hawaii and is an investor, a business man and motivational speaker. Robert Kiyosaki has written over 15 books on the topic of financial literacy. These books have sold over 26 million copies worldwide. He graduated from the U.S Merchant Marine Academy in 1969 and served as a gunship pilot in the U.S Marine Corps in the Vietnam War in 1972. In 1975, Robert Kiyosaki left the military and began his career as a salesman for the Xerox company. Robert Kiyosaki has also made a fortune in the mining industry. He has been married to Kim Kiyosaki since 1985. Rich Dad Poor Dad has become a leading book on many websites like Amazon, Walmart and Barnes and Noble, get a copy by clicking on the picture of the book.

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