Book Reviews

You will find that the book reviews that we have provided below are ones that could and do cater to a wide variety of business owners and marketers, if you would like to have a quick free consultation on whether we feel one is beneficial to you or your business feel free to contact us.

These book reviews are in alphabetical order and are not in order based on quality or importance. We did this to allow you to filter through the reviews better and allow us to keep more organized. We are crazy like that.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad, Poor Dad, a great book for anyone that is looking to start a business, or looking for ways to not only enhance their business but also themselves at the same time.

SEO For Dummies

Struggling with your SEO and wanting to see how so many businesses are ranking well on the search engines? SEO For Dummies takes you through the basics first; like what is a search engine, how does it work and how you can get your site indexed easily to get more traffic. This books gave us some inside tips that we now use to rank #1 for may keywords that has really exploded our business. Click on the book for a more thorough review and make sure you get a copy of your own.

Start With Why

Have you ever wondered what makes a great leader, how they attract so many followers and how that when they enter a room it is like the world stops. It really is no secret how this is all done, this book tells you how some of the most powerful and influential companies and leaders have done this and continue doing it. This is a really simple book to follow and you to can be that leader. Click on the picture to the left and read more.

The Travelers Gift

Looking for a book that Inspires you to move forward, gives you a different perspective on life and answers to “Why Me” question….. You may think that you are the only one that struggles in life, and some days it may feel like the whole world is against you, we have had those days as well. This book put so many different things into the right light for us, and has allowed us to control our business in a way that we did not think was possible. Click on the picture of the book to read more about this wonderful book.

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