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The Power Of Radio Marketing

Radio Marketing – An ancient relic? Television executives will try and say that radio has lost its power in the last few years; and yet radio marketing is still seen as an excellent way to advertise and sell products and services. Language can be just as important as images when it comes to marketing. Think of the number of advertising slogans that have become part of everyday language over the decades –chances are, that most of those unforgettable campaigns started off with or at least involved radio marketing. Advertising on the radio has many advantages over other types of advertising. Unlike ads in newspapers and magazines, radio commercials have a captive audience; unless listeners are going to spend half their day tuning into other station every time an advert comes on. Jingles and slogans are what people remember most about adverts, and images are not needed to hammer that message home. Create the right catchy tune for your advertising slogan and listeners will be humming it all day long.

 A Few Advantages Of Radio Marketing

radio marketingOf course, one of the main advantages is that radio advertising is much cheaper than running a commercial on television; it is much cheaper to make and much cheaper to “buy” the broadcasting time. Just because a commercial is going to air on radio and not on television does not mean that marketing executives should keep things simple. Take a lesson from radio plays which use clever sound effects to create exotic locations and action packed scenes for your commercial and potential customers are sure to remember your product.


Local companies use radio adverts a great deal for a number of reasons, the most significant probably being the lower cost. However, most radio stations only broadcast to a specific geographical area, meaning that the commercial is going to be targeting the company’s customer base for them. There is little point in a local, family store running expensive adverts on a national television station when a local radio station can reach just as many, if not more, of their potential customers. The low costs of running a radio marketing campaign means it is easy even for small firms to pay to have their commercial run several times a day; the key to having listeners remember your jingle, your advert and therefore your product ahead of everything else they have heard and seen that day. Listen to the radio and you will notice that the same adverts are played regularly, sometimes during each commercial break. This repetition is the key to successful radio advertising.

 What The Boss Thinks Of Radio Marketing

Company bosses may think that television advertising is the only way to get their product or service noticed by the public, but it is much easier to switch channels while watching TV than while listening to the radio. By spending less money, essential for small companies, businesses can often reach the same number of potential customers by sticking to advertising on local radio stations – and using their budgets to come up with original ideas that the public will remember. Creating a concept that will stick in the public’s mind is the key to successful radio marketing.


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