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Essentials Of Press Release Marketing

Press release marketing is one of the fastest growing ways of marketing a business or product on the Internet today. It used to be that when you wrote a release you had to wait around for some major news organization to pick up your story. Now, there are literally dozens of services that will disseminate your press release to hundreds of news organizations and social media sites. Some of these even do it for free. This makes press releases one of the best ways to advertise for free.


 A Few Things To Consider Before Starting Press Release Marketing

Press Release MarketingBefore writing a  release make sure you have something newsworthy to talk about. This could be a new product, an event, a conference, a noteworthy hire, or anything that people might want to read. As a business owner you should be manufacturing newsworthy ideas on a regular basis. When you do, write a press release about them. Be careful though that you do not write too many releases. A  release just like anything else can be ignored if the same thing is seen too often.


When writing your  release make sure you do research in keywords before completing the release. With your keywords work from top to bottom and left to right in order of importance in keywords. There are plenty of sites online that can help you with keyword research. Just like any other type of advertising you want to use words that you know people will search for, that have the lowest competition and press release marketing is no different.


Another tip for writing a stunning press release is to make sure your press release is something that people want to read. Give your readers incentive to click through your ad. Offer them something special, like a discount or a free product. The web is full of free e-books that you can license to give away, and with a little imagination you can come up with other types of reports and information that your readers would like to have for free.


 Time To Tear Apart your Press Release Marketing

Once you have created your press release, you will want to disseminate it. You can either do this by hand or use a service. Some of these services are free and some do cost money. Check out the free ones first and see where that gets you, but you might find that investing a bit of money into your press release dissemination will get you a whole lot further.


Create a landing page. This is very important in marketing. Once your release for the press is out there, your readers need somewhere to go when they click on the link in your release or ad. A fast loading landing page that gets them directly to what you were talking about in the ad release is exactly what your reader is looking for. Of course you can have links on your landing page to your main website and other ads, but the main core of the landing page needs to be what was talked about in the press release. These are the essentials of press release marketing.

We use press release marketing as one of our marketing types any time that we have something that we feel is news worthy like:

  • A Internal or External Promotion of someone in our company
  • A New Product we offer
  • A New Service we offer
  • A Update Of Product or Service Within the Industry

There are many more press release marketing sites than the ones shown in the picture above, some sites are better than others, some are free and others you have to pay a premium to use. We personally use a variation of free and paid press release sites allowing us to have a diverse group of sites in our portfolio of marketing.

To see how we can use press release marketing to generate more of a buzz around you, your business, and your products and or services that you offer, fill in your name and email below. We will contact you shortly.

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