Personal Branding

What Personal Branding Means

Personal branding is one of those phrases that has been showing up all over the place for some time now. It is, simply put, a trick to further yourself, your business, and/or your product by making it extra noticeable and recognizable. It is the process of putting your own aspect into your brand. For example, Donald Trump, globally recognized millionaire mogul, uses his last name on everything he owns and/or markets. This helps his products get recognized as quality before they’ve even be tried.


personal brandingCreating a winning brand is not as simple as people seem to think. If you are not coming into the business as a celebrity, you need to make your brand name stand out. Even if you have an amazing product, you need an equally impressive brand. There are sites all over the internet that will help you create a personal brand, and the number one piece of advice seems to be ‘put as much of yourself into your brand as you can’. One of the biggest ways to make a brand successful is to put as much personality into it as you can. A simple picture or play on words just is not enough.


What To Consider When It Comes To Personal Branding

Consider this: how far would Kentucky Fried Chicken have gotten without the Colonel? Even though the product is great, and certainly a convenient alternative to frying chicken yourself, the restaurant has become synonymous with the picture of the white-haired southern gentleman in a white suit. It can easily be brought to mind by the mere thought of fried chicken. This is masterful marketing and the pinnacle of personal branding.


In this day of media marketing and an increased desire for visual ads, personal branding is more important than ever. Bombarded by entrepreneurs who want nothing more than to start their own business and get out from under the corporate thumb, we need a way to distinguish our brand from everyone else’s. When attempting to develop a catchy brand, remember that people remember shape, color and quality. Unfortunately, shape and color tend to be more important as the things that draw people to the product in the first place. Bow Tie Cigars, for example, have different colored labels that are shaped like bow ties. When most cigar labels are plain gold bands, this brand stands out.


Is Personal Branding Essential For Business?

It has long been known that brands are essential to businesses. Victoria’s Secret has their distinctive pink packaging, McDonald’s has the big yellow M, and Skittles has the rainbow. Though there really are not any hard and fast rules about how to create a good brand, there are certain suggestions. Remember to inject as much of your personality into the brand as you can, make it as distinct and memorable as possible, and always have the exceptional brand attached to an equally exceptional product. Personal branding is an important part of getting any business off the ground, and should be treated as such. Even someone who is lucky enough to have a great idea could benefit from a little extra research and brand placement suggestions. Marketing is almost more essential to business than the product itself. That being said, the brand should be just as spectacular as the product it is trying to sell.


We know that personal branding is a crucial and very pivotal point in any business, this is why many of our clients come to us for all their personal branding questions and ideas as part of their marketing services. Many businesses have great products, services and ideas, but they fail to seperate themselves from the masses, which personal branding takes care of.

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