Autoresponders: A Formidable And Effective Business Marketing Tool

Autoresponders play a critical role in the growth of online businesses. In essence, these are software packages set to respond to incoming emails automatically whenever you are not able to respond to them personally. Autoresponder programs basically send out pre written emails as responses to any email that hits your inbox. It is virtually impossible to envision the business atmosphere without the email communication channel.

autorespondersEmails provide a seamless communication mode through which businesses can establish silent communication channels with existing and potential clients. Autoresponders are ideal for handling repeated questions as well as issues touching on price lists and products. According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the autoresponder is also increasingly being used to entice new site visitors by online businesses.

They are used as a means of offering special bonuses to potential clients. In this way, you are able to advertise your business and at the same time build stable working relationships with clients. Internet gurus still insist on the enormous potential presented by internet marketing. It is this strong belief that resulted in the coining of the now famous statement- ‘the money is in the list’. Autoresponders are basically built around mailing lists which serve to further strengthen this belief.

 Different Types Of AutoResponders

There are various forms of autoresponder programs. They vary from specialized scripts that are tailor made to run on large company servers to the conventional software that run email programs. The specialized scripts use the web page format or operate as part of your business email account. The programming of the script is such that it is able to send out standardized messages upon the receipt of an email. Some autoresponders do more than the basic sending out of standardized email messages.

They also dispatch unlimited follow-up emails at regular time intervals which have been previously determined. According to the US Census Bureau and the National Cable and Telecommunications Association (NCTA), the number of American businesses using autoresponders is set to hit the 250 million mark by the end of 2011. Autoresponder services are usually provided by established web hosting companies at a small fee or completely free of charge. This usually comes with a rider- you have to have an advertisement of the web hosting company which comes in the form of an email attachment with all your emails.

How To Personalize Your Autoresponders

Autoresponder messages are usually personalized through the use of signatures. The autoresponder signature is similar to a business card. It has important details like your name as well as that of your business, contact numbers and a business motto or any other message provided it is brief. The signature plays a vital role in autoresponders since clients are able to associate the signature with your business every time they come across it. Signatures used in autoresponders are required to be short i.e. no more than 70 continous characters. Apart from the use of autoresponders in emails, they are also used to generate specialized courses for your clients.

Choose a topic that is specifically intended for your clients and which you can speak on with authority. The course should then be divided into a 10 day course where the clients are fed with a well written course every day. Each course is accompanied by information about your products and services as well as preview of what is to follow the next day so as to entice the client. After all has been said and done, autoresponders remain a formidable and effective marketing tool for businesses that wish to maintain strong relations with existing clients as well as cultivate new relations with new clients.


Here at Global Online Marketing Consulting we use autoresponders as one of the follow up marketing services to help form longer lasting realtionships with current and future customers. Our clients find that the auto responders that we create for them are helpful for their customers, allowing them to present themselves in a manner of helpfulness and not just trying to sell them a product or service. With autoresponders, roughly only twenty percent of your emails should be promoting your business or product, the other eighty percent should be more educational, helpful or thought provoking.

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